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Energy management

Main features
- Wide range of power quality meters, energy meters, and transducers
- Fast installation, programming and display information reading
- Easy communications with PLC or PC control systems to provide plant wide monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management systems provide information so that operators can identify consumption trends and take corrective actions. Analysing the power profile operators can also aggregate loads and so negotiate more favourable terms with the utility company. Real time power consumption monitoring also allows a site manager to anticipate overload conditions that would, for example, trip a circuit breaker. Alarm thresholds can be set to warn managers if preset limits are reached. Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management equipment meets the requirements of commercial buildings, Industry and production facilities, services and infrastructures.

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Energy management Overview
Energy monitoring solutions for server and data centre
EM270, EM271, EM280: the quick-fit energy metering solution
EM100 and EM300 series
EM21 72R and EM21 72V: the retrofit solutions
Innovation for Energy Management
WM40 96 WM30 96